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Mattress Direct Pittsburgh

Mattress Direct Pgh
2600 Library Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Quality Mattress Sets
Wholesale to the Public
Queen Sets from $239

Parisain Mattress

Panda Garden Resturant

George Mendel

P.O Box 13605
Pittsburgh, PA 15243

george mendel photography

Paul's Motor Car Service

Paul's Motor Car Service
2600 Library Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Quality Auto Service
since 1966

PA State Inspection &
Emissions Testing

VW and Audi Servie, Repair and Maintance

Pittsburgh Grapevine Recent Events
Pittsburgh Film Office Oscars Pre-Party

Pittsburgh Film Office Oscars Pre-Party

Gloria Stoll Karn, Pulp Art fron the 1940's Slate Series at Salt of the Earth
Jessica Lee at Atrias PNC Park
Gateway to the Arts - Carol Wolf
The Masked Ball 2014

TattleTale Saints at the James Simon's Sculpture Studio
More Events...  The Masked Ball 2014  Horizon View Farms B&B  Julianne Speeney Fall For Fashion  Pittsburgh Fashion Story 2014  Pittsburgh Stand Up 2 Cancer   2014 Pittsburgh Wine Opener by CFF   Phat Man Dee & Amoeba Knievel CD Party   Jessica Kennedy's Summer Soiree for CF    Shana Valre' at Savoy Soul   MS Music Festival 2014     CFF Party in Vegas 2014    CFF 50 Finest 2014    Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Ribbon Cutting    Mattress Factory Garden Party 2014    Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix 2014    

All Event Photo's Here

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National Debt Clock

Pittsburgh Grapevine
Employment Center
Pittsburgh Grapevine Employment Center
Make Pittsburgh Grapevine your first stop when looking for a job. The Grapevine Employment Center has over 20,000 Local Jobs Listed.  

Pittsburgh grapevine Staff: Bob, Chelsea and George
Pittsburgh Grapevine Staff
 Bob Kopperman, Chelsea Danley
and George Mendel

02/28/15 07:00 pm FREE Variety Show Fundraiser b
benefiting PCC whose legacy is caring for seniors!

Side Page Edits 1.12.2013
Online Dating Adventures of a
SWF..... Vol 2 - 1/30/2013
The adventure continues

Well, let me start with this...if you get a chance to go to a lock and key event, go. Its a lot of fun. There were about 85 people there. The guys get a key, and the girls get a lock. Every time someone opens your lock, you both get a raffle ticket for drawings at the end of the night. They had some really good prizes, and the concept of this was great. Instead of sitting around waiting for someone to approach you, you were on a mission to find as many matches as possible. Here's how dysfunctional I am, I got a phone number for my daughter and hooked my friend up with someone, me...nothing.

Back to online dating, I met a guy who actually seemed normal and harmless, WRONG. Where shall I start.....

  Continued Here...

Previous Adventures
Car Care Tips

Manufactures know that a properly maintained car will be more dependable, safer, last longer, and increase your satisfaction with their product.  Car makers and owners also have a responsibility to make sure emission controls receive regular service and are functioning properly.  Regular maintenance helps accomplish these goals by keeping your engine running efficiently and eliminating potential problems that may leave you stranded.

* A more Dependable Car
* A Car that retains the "New Car Feel"
* Less chance of a costly breakdown
* A safer car for you and your family
* Doing your part for cleaner air
* A car worth more at trade in or sale
* An intact warranty

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Pittsburgh Fashion Soirée Promo Shoot ( Public )
Pittsburgh Fashion Soirée Promo Shoot
Kent Schmor’s Red Light District Soirée ( Public )
Kent Schmor’s Red Light District Soirée
Fashion RHP Free Winter Love Shoot-Torial ( Public )
Fashion RHP Free Winter Love Shoot-Torial
GLAMAZONIA by Mario Epanya ( Public )
Pittsburgh Photo Section 130th Anniversary Exhibit ( Public )
Pittsburgh Photo Section 130th Anniversary Exhibit
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Heinze Field Jets Steelers game
I'm not caught up in your law
Painting by
Molly Gunther


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