Joy is the core of existence. The motive power of every living being, that it is the need of one's body as it is the goal of one's spirit. Ayn Rand

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Don't see many movies. The Brave One with Jodi Foster was the last great movie I saw.

I paint anything. Any available surface will do. Rich, warm colors excite me. Learned the concept of painting mandalas. It takes you on a journey through 12 stages of life through colors and drawings. A creative self-help concept that is fun!

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03/04/2008 23:44:42

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I'm open to anything old and new. Best to keep an open mind. I HATE rap! I've tried and the results are always the same.

Thanks, Travis. I love it, too!
Posted on: 04/24/2008 20:09:50
I live in Bridgeville. I do paint for hire. What are you interested in? Where do you live?
Posted on: 04/24/2008 20:08:36
Is this You, Gary?
Posted on: 03/11/2008 12:26:19

Nice paintings, Josh. I was at the Art...

Posted on: 03/09/2008 23:04:28
Hi Sweety! Teddy is Troutwisper. Glad you finally joined up.
Posted on: 03/05/2008 00:08:31
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03/03/2008 12:55:55
From: bobw857

Linda, It took me a little while to figure out who this was. Last week it came to, but havn't had time to reply. How've you been? Havn't seen you since Mark's graduation, time just keeps moving on. My oldest one Katie will be graduating this year and going to Gannon Univ. in Erie. She wants to be an Occupational Therapist. At least she knows what she wants to do before any money is wasted. My younger one Amy is a freshman in Bethel Park. She compete's in competitive cheerleading. We just got back from Columbus, Oh. It was the Arnold Schwarznegger atheletic competition. There were 10,000 athlete's... Her team finished in 1st in her class. Other than that Kathy, and I are fine. Hope all is well with you.

Talk to you later

Bob (Waz) 


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