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When moms take care of their cars, they take care of their families
Posted On 01/30/2011 19:07:11 by Motorcarservice
When moms take care of their cars, they take care of their families (ARA) - For moms, their automobile is quite possibly the most important component in their daily lives from taking the kids to school, doctor's appointments, soccer practice and then off to run the millions of errands on their "to-do" list.
With all of these activities swirling around in their schedules, becoming a savvy automotive consumer may not be at the top of most moms' priority list. To help them be bet... Read More

Protect yourself, and your car, on the road this winter
Posted On 01/30/2011 17:41:18 by Motorcarservice
Protect yourself -- and your car -- on the road this winter
(ARA) - Cold-weather driving definitely presents its challenges. Aside from the chance of getting stuck or stranded in less-than-ideal weather, there's also an increased risk of accidents when roads aren't in optimal condition.
In fact, 24 percent of accidents are weather-related, according to the Federal Highway Administration. The best way to avoid a weather-related accident is to refrain from d... Read More

What not changing your Oil Cost
Posted On 07/17/2009 03:49:45 by Motorcarservice
It has been quite a busy month at the shop this week.  We have 6 cars with ruined engines in this month so far, and its only the 16th of the month.  Its a shame, but all would still be fine if the cars had proper maintenance.

The first, was a 2005 Jetta 2.5 litre 5 cylinder.  The owner went a couple thousand past the oil change interval, but worse than that, no one checked the oil since changed.  Car was quarts low on oil, and it ruined the engine inside.  It... Read More

Auto A/C Season,Dont sweat it this summer
Posted On 05/20/2009 03:31:20 by Motorcarservice
Don't sweat it this summer, have us service your A/C system during our spring A/C special.  We will hook up your car to the A/C machine, test the system pressures, top up as needed and add an UV dye to the system to act as a future leak detection means.  We will also check over the operation and  function of the cooling fans, and clean out the A/C condenser with compressed air.

Sound good, doesnt it?  Well, we will do this for you for 29.99 plus the cost of the ref... Read More

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