The Anheuser-Busch Conspiracy!

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The Anheuser-Busch Conspiracy

While America was hurting economy wise, in the early 90’s? American Business leaders were disparate for funds to jump start their (((system!)))

The Jews and the Germans are far known to be the current business leaders of today in America. Wither it, be Politics, Television, Sports, or Entertainment, Wholesale Stores, Giant Breweries. This combination is connected to every source of business in America!

It breaks down into markets, retailers, stores and so, on!

A young man named, Verdon had ideas to support; Wildlife and Television Entertainment. Not realizing the magnitude of his ideas at the time. Verdon sends them in good faith to his favorite beer company Anheuser-Busch?

What Verdon didn’t know was, ((he is about to be brewed into a conspiracy,)) by the King of beers! That far out weighs any American event today? Even the JFK assassination would be rather small? It was not comprehend-able for himself or for any other person for that matter?

The ideas he had drawn for Anheuser-Busch, got passed by; Busch III, to his contact with Goodby & Silverstein Partners; To develop Verdon’s ideas.  Busch had to contact his Jewish connections in Washington State, his name would be Jeff Brotman. Because Verdon was working for Costco.  Jeff Brotman was co-founder of Costco.

So, the (Conspiracy-Team) is getting put together! Now! It’s (Operation Verdon.)

The three major group conspiring against Verdon and a fourth yet, to be made mentioned. The Teamsters who, failed to represent Verdon in a hearing got recruited by; non-other than the family, who help discover the Teamsters? August Busch III.

By this time America (in-itself) would dis-own, Verdon and his family.  And America did exactly that for years? Small words of support are offered, every now and than, Verdon might find a desperate publisher but, the fight is long and draining.  Verdon would also like to add, he’s (thanks whole-hardheartedly) the news groups who did in fact help him. He probably, wouldn’t be around today, if it wasn’t for his newsgroup supporters!

Thank you all!

Even with nothing to show for. he’ll keep pressing the battle for justice, as his son who, received Autism from these dramatic events!

It’s all Verdon knows now, is to keep up the fight and keep the pressure on Anheuser-Busch and Costco.

Busch III, complemented Brotman on his participation in the (Verdon Conspiracy!) Brotman lives much better now! Look at my new house says Brotman!

Brotman even hosted the first lady in his home, Mrs. Obama! Verdon bets that Brotman never told the truth, just how he got the money for such a mansion? Or how many skeletons are under his mansion? That’s the question!


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