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Fans of the Green Bay Packers have high expectations , and rightfully so.
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Nov 29 2018, 3:04 am - By linchao

 The team has been a serious contender in the NFC for years, though the defense has often let down the rest of the squad come playoff time. In 2014, the last time the team featured above-average units on both sides of the football, the Packers were in the NFC Championship Game and should have made it to the Super Bowl.This year, expectations were high once again, as the team shuffled the coaching staff and front office along with swaths of the the defensive roster. But though six games, the Packers are 3-2-1 and face their toughest stretch of the season in the coming weeks.That’s what makes this week’s FanPulse surveys so interesting. The results show that although a majority of Packers fans expect the team to make it to the postseason in 2018, confidence in the franchise’s overall direction is still quite low.Overall Corey Linsley Jersey , a majority of Packers fans voted “Yes” when asked if the team would make the playoffs this year, with the yeas leading by a margin of 55-45 percent. However, only 32 percent of the same survey respondents said that they were confident in the team’s direction. That tells this writer that many people are expecting a disappointing one-and-done postseason for this team, which certainly would fall far short of fans’ hopes for the team. Still, Packers fans’ responses outpace the odds of the team making the playoffs according to Football Outsiders, who put the Packers at just a 43.4% chance.Another interesting note is that fans of 16 other teams have a higher confidence level in their team making the postseason, with Packers fans being the 17th to have a better than 50/50 vote. But even though the Packers sit a half-game ahead of 3-3 Chicago and Detroit in the division and in sixth place in the NFC at present, fans of both of those teams (plus fans of the Vikings) have larger portions of their fanbases that see them making the postseason. 100% of Vikings fans voted Yes Davante Adams Jersey , but the Lions had 66% Yes votes and the Bears 57%.As for the overall confidence index, the Packers’ numbers dropped two percent following the comeback victory against the 49ers and the bye week, dropping from 34% to 32%. We’ll see next week if there are any notable changes after the Packers’ game against the 7-0 Rams.How to give an NFL player an ‘official’ nickname, feat. Mike Daniels & Blake Martinez For writers, serious fans, and anyone looking to win a trivia competition, Pro Football Reference is a must-bookmark site. This is a website where you can track every player to wear a number and cross-reference it with the absurdly powerful player comparison finder.There is also a version of the Sports Reference brand for every major sport, including college. This isn’t necessarily relevant to me Cheap Aaron Rodgers Jersey , as I don’t follow any other sports closely, but you can knock yourselves out.Something odd that PFRef tracks is nicknames. This was first brought to my attention by APC’s own Paul Noonan, when he asked twitter who on the Green Bay Packers is known as “The Freak”. Since then, I’ve become a bit obsessed with players who have a listed nickname.The answer to “Who is the Freak?” is Kyler Fackrell. Some research turned up an article claiming a TV announcer called him The Freak while he was in college. I couldn’t believe that was all it took to have a nickname listed and took offense on behalf of other, shall we say, more deserving players.Recently, Wes Hodkiewicz accidentally referred to Blake Martinez as “boar”. Blake quickly accepted it. Along with this, fans and other players have been referring to Mike Daniels as “Diesel” for years. Neither of these were listed on their respective PFRef page.So I did what every upset sports fan does in a situation like this: I TOOK MY GRIEVANCE TO THE INTERNET!I attempted to get a hold of PFRef on twitter , but to no avail. After multiple days with no response, I followed the standard internet rage flowchart...and I posted on Reddit. There is actually a Sports Reference subreddit. I created a post and pleaded my case while citing multiple tweets to prove that both players had accepted their nicknames. This yielded better results as the official account for PFRef responded.SUCCESS! In fact, the pages for both Daniels and Martinez have been updated. My valiant crusade is complete. I can rest knowing I have done something truly good...But seriously, I’m just happy that I could have some kind of impact on one of my favorite websites.What are some of your favorite nicknames for players? Are they listed on PFRef? Let me know down in the comments and maybe I’ll use my inside track to get them added.
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