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Cooper Kupp Jersey
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Apr 13 2019, 3:15 am - By linchao

Five Questions with Turf Show Times: There’s no stopping Aaron Donald | Windy City GridironOur very own 3k talks with the (presumably) fine folks over at Windy City Gridiron Cooper Kupp Jersey , SB Nation’s version of TST (only not anywhere near as good).Daily Dose: It Could be a Close One in Chicago | Rams OfficialNot unlike a lot of recent Rams games, there’s a good chance Sunday night will come down to a few plays in either direction. More here on the how and why.The LA Rams may have one of the league’s great offenses, but it’s a challenge the Bears’ defense is ready for | NBC SportsWhat’s this “may” nonsense? The Rams “may” but the Bears D “is.” Fake news, obviously by way of Chicago, if you care to read it.Rams’ Aaron Donald and Bears’ Khalil Mack have stayed close, from first round to big money | OC RegisterThere’s more linking the two superstars than meets the eye. Rich Hammond on the ascension of Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald.Quotes & Notes 12/6/18: Donald on Sack Record Tyler Higbee Color Rush Jersey , Talib Talks Trubisky | Rams OfficialAaron Donald is supposed to say he isn’t focused on the sack record: he is. Aqib Talib is supposed to pay respect to Mitchell Trubisky: he’s not concerned about someone named Mitchell.VIDEO: NFL-N-Motion: Breaking down the Los Angeles Rams’, Chicago Bears’ dangerous offenses | Yahoo! SportsSteve Smith Sr. and Willie McGinest take a video look at the Rams and Bears offenses. You might be surprised at some of the similarities.With NFC West in hand, Rams look to grab bye against Bears | Associated PressIt would be nice to clinch the first round bye on Sunday night. It would be even nicer if the Saints lost again. These next four weeks are all about positioning and peaking at the right time — make no mistake, Sunday is a big game for LA.Los Angeles Rams must rely heavily on Todd Gurley against Bears | FanSidedMust we now, FanSided? Hard to say. Seems to me a fellow named Tom Brady carved this defense up a little while back. Play-action will of course be a big key to keeping Khalil Mack and Co. off balance.Jared Goff has notable discrepancy in home/road splits in 2018 | 247 SportsMost QBs do have home/road discrepancies. I’m not sure if this is a non-story or if Goff’s numbers are markedly worse on the road than other NFL QBs. Seems like 11-1 is pretty good, though.Chicago Bears: How Cooper Kupp injury has affected Rams offense | Bear Goggles OnI have to come clean: I pretty much only posted this link because of the terrible name of this blog. Or awesome name , depending on what side of the bar I wake up on. I’m not sure how much merit there is to the argument about the Rams sans Kupp, but it’s worth a click.Fans weigh in on key for a Bears win Sunday | Bears OfficialOk, this is hilarious. Reminds me of the old SNL skits with Chris Farley as Ditka. Yes, I did just cough up a bratwurst on my keyboard.Rams vs. Bears: 5 key matchups to watch in Week 14 | RamsWireCam DaSilva’s 5 keys for the big game.Aqib Talib won’t be on a snap count vs. Chicago on Sunday | RamsWireWe saw flashes of “Lock Angeles” in the first few games of the season, and perhaps a glimpse or two this last Sunday in Detroit. Clearly, veteran CB Aqib Talib’s presence may be the key to fielding a Super Bowl defense. It’ll be good to have him for 4 quarters on Sunday night. It’s become a bit of a joke over recent weeks — if you’ve so much as made eye contact with Los Angeles Rams’ head coach Sean McVay Joe Namath Color Rush Jersey , you are a candidate for a head coaching job in the NFL. Maybe not to that extent, but the buzz is that many teams are looking for “the next McVay” and look to hire young, offensive minds in the hopes of rendering similar results for their squad. And it certainly doesn’t hurt if you’ve worked for McVay. On that note, it appears the Rams are set to lose quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor to the Cincinnati Bengals, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.Taylor joined the Rams in 2017 - along with Sean McVay - as the team’s assistant wide receiver coach. He was promoted to QB’s coach in 2018. The Bengals may have to wait another two weeks in order to make this official, and that’s assuming the Rams take care of business against the New Orleans Saints today. Rapoport notes that his Bengals’ source says “they hope their next head coach has a Super Bowl ring.” I like the sound of that Nolan Cromwell Jersey , Bengals’ source. And best of luck to Zac Taylor in his future endeavors in Cincy.
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