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Leica M9 unwrapped and tested

Leica M9 unwrapped and tested

Yes this is one of the first Leica M9 cameras sold in North America.  The images of the unwrapping were taken with an M8 and the 28mm 2.8 asph and cropped quite a bit.  The night images were taken with the M9 and two landmark Leica lenses.

This was the first real test with the camera and it was on a job, not something I prefer to do,  but my widest angle lenses do not fit on the Canon 5d mark 2.  The job required something wider than a 21mm for the best result (reduced perspective control in post processing).

The blue dancers were shot with the Leica 15mm f2.8 asph adapted to the M9 via a Novoflex adapter at f5.6-1/2 at about 2.8 seconds (asa/iso 160).
The welcome building/projection booths were shot with the Leica 18mm f3.8 asph   at f4-1/2 at about 2.8 seconds and the same asa/iso.

Note the detail retained on the severe crop of each file,  this image quality under the most severe conditions is remarkable.

This is a night shot with images being projected onto the buildings,  which creates an almost unmanageable lighting contrast situation with almost any camera available before.  Each file contains detail in the darkest shadows and brightest highlights with only the streetlight bulbs being blown out.

Each image is from one image file (not several combined),  M9 files were shot in uncompressed-dng format, and processed in Adobe Lightroom only.  They were then compressed in jpg for web viewing.

These shots were to document the projections, depicting the history of Pittsburgh, on the convention center that hosted the G20 last week.

Lighting provided by the French illumination team Artlumiere under the guidance of Lucette deRugy.


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