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POSTED BY: themoneymakingmahma
DATE: 03.20.2012
SUBJECT: Learn what your symptoms mean!
LOCATION: Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii United States

"Do you have symptoms?"

"Do you have nutritional deficiencies?"

Learn what your symptoms mean!

What does your body need? Take the Test Our Nutritional symptoms Assessment can identify deficiencies and make recommendations.

Complete the Nutritional Symptoms questionnaire and receive a personal telephone consultation. The questionnaire of 205 230 questions should only take 20 minutes to complete. Following submission you will receive a communication from your consultant to set up an appropriate telephone appointment time. Based on the analysis of your symptoms, an appropriate nutritional supplement program will be suggested assuming the symptoms are actually due to nutritional deficiencies and not from other causes.

Get Your Symptoms Analyzed Now - $30.00

(includes a half hour telephone consultation with Marie-anne, Wellness Advisor, and a computer print out of your results and a six-week follow-up analysis) You will be emailed (by the next business day) an access code and link upon receipt of payment.

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