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Expert tips for throwing the best end-of-season football party
Posted On 01/30/2011 18:44:12

Expert tips for throwing the best end-of-season football party

(ARA) - When the best two professional football teams square off at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas on Feb. 6, party goers in parking lots and homes across the United States will expect their hosts to put on the ultimate football party. Last year's Saints vs. Colts game had a record breaking audience of more than 106 million viewers, and this year's big game is bound to have just as many people gathering to watch. But watching the game is only part of the fun. It's the food, the camaraderie and fun that needs to measure up with fans to truly make it the biggest football party of the year.

Joe Cahn, widely known as the Commissioner of Tailgating, has spent 14 years on the road, tailgating with football fans across the country. "Oh, I love a great football party - the fans in team colors, the grills smokin' and the good times for all."

This season, Joe is sharing his party tips and watching tailgating teams compete for a spot in the Bing National Tailgating Championship ( in Fort Worth, Texas on Feb. 3. Cahn is overseeing the final competition, which will decide the nation's top tailgating team, and will offer his top 10 football party planning tips to ensure a fantastic game day for all football fans.

1. Show team pride. Your local fabric store can be a great resource for finding a budget-friendly way to display your team's colors and set the tone for your party. A few yards of fabric can easily become a table cloth or a flag signaling to your guests they're at the right address.

2. Four quarters to feast. Your party is going to be an all-day event - like a Texas-style rodeo. Don't plan anything formal. Instead offer items that allow people to graze while they're standing, cheering and chatting before, during and after the game. And don't forget to recycle at all times during the event.

Go online to find recipes for the fixings that will keep your guests wanting more. Go to, and search for football party food like "buffalo wings" or "chili." You'll find recipes, photos and nutritional facts in an instant to help finalize party menus.

3. Corral the grub. By keeping the food in a separate room from the TV, guests won't inadvertently block someone's view of the action. Placing the food in another room also allows people who may want a break from the game to socialize without distracting hard core fans. And if the favorite team isn't playing so well, it also serves as a place to escape and nurse broken hearts.

4. Hydrate the hootin' and hollerin'. Have plenty of ice and water on hand. Yes, water is an "adult" beverage and should be readily available to your guests to keep them going.

5. Bring the party to people who can't make it. Encourage people to use their cell phones to capture video and photos that can be uploaded to Facebook to keep the party with other friends online.

6. Prepare a take-home menu. Create a menu that people can take home to remind them of the great food prepared. Break it up into quarters - what was served 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, etc. - and leave some room for people to jot notes. Be creative and make it feel like a game program and something that your guests will enjoy looking at long after the game is over.

7. Know the game. Make sure you're up to speed on the game's most decisive players. Prep in advance and compare sports stats on the game's opposing players - helping you to secure information to help you win any friendly debate. Just go to Bing and search for "player x vs. player y" to get informed and impress everyone with your game day knowledge.

8. Safety first. If there's drinking involved, always make sure there are designated drivers among your guests or help schedule cab rides.

9. Take care of your host. This tip is actually for the guest - make a party MVP ball. Buy an official game ball, grab a couple of markers and ask everyone at the party to sign it. Then, present it to your host at the end of the game with a "Most Valuable Party Thrower" award. He or she will greatly appreciate it and have something to remember their role in making game day history.

10. Football is a team sport - Just because you're a guest, doesn't mean you shouldn't chip in and help. Play offense and assist in set up and serving food or hold off for defense and handle clean up duties after the game. Also, feel free to contribute one of your football party specialties - just remember to give the host the heads up to make sure you're not doubling up on anything.  

Check out  to follow the action in the Bing National Tailgating Championship and get some additional ideas and inspiration from the best tailgating teams in the country.

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Advertising in a Recession
Posted On 01/27/2009 15:56:00
Advertise In a Recession? Are You Crazy?

As it turns out you're crazy not to advertise in a recession. Many studies over the years (even going back to the Great Depression) have shown that investing in marketing during rough economic times is actually more effective than when times are good. This doesn't seem to make sense until you think through the logic.

During a recession most businesses decide to cut expenses in order to weather the storm. And one of the first expense items to take a hit is advertising and marketing. To savvy marketers and business owners this is an opportunity. There's less competition vying for customer's attention, so those advertisers who can maintain or even increase their marketing investment will find they have a much greater impact.

Here's some studies that show how companies can actually increase market share by doing what their competition won't- advertise during a recession:

McGraw-Hill Research analyzed the performance of 600 companies from 1980 through 1985, including the deep recession of 1981-82. The analysis showed that firms that maintained or increased ad spending during the recession enjoyed significantly higher sales growth, both during the recession and for three years after it compared to those that eliminated or decreased their advertising investment. By 1985, sales of companies that were aggressive advertisers during the recession had risen 256 percent over those that decreased their marketing investment.

Another report by Coopers & Lybrand and Business Science International concluded that "businesses that maintain marketing programs during a recession outperform companies that rely on cost-cutting measures. A strong marketing program enables a firm to solidify its customer base, take business away from competitors and position itself for growth during the recovery."

In difficult economic times it pays to remain visible. Many of your competitors will choose to cut advertising and become invisible!

The question is, where do you advertise? The latest surveys show 90% of buyers use the internent to search for a home, car, service, etc, so therefore 90% of your budget should be on-line, and only 10 % should be print. 

The Grapevine Websites are a very cost efficient way to market your products or service.

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Grapevine Communities use National Features on Local Websites
Posted On 10/21/2008 01:05:05

Grapevine Communities use National Features on Local Websites

Fast growing Network of Community based Internet Websites provides more content yet similar to MySpace, YouTube, Craigslist, Facebook.

Someone else suggested this site, and I'm glad they did
It looks like I will be enjoying it a lot. ... So much to do on here.

(PRWEB) October 20, 2008 -- The Grapevine Communities, a group of 200+ community-based social media websites across the country, are connecting people to their communities with local content by using features similar to MySpace, Craigslist, YouTube, Facebook and more.          Screen Shot Screen Shot

Thousands of members in small towns and large cities throughout the nation are discovering the power of information and entertainment in community websites such as, ,,, or

"Someone else suggested this site, and I'm glad they did," wrote TheRealMacoy, a member at in a public message to another member. "It looks like I will be enjoying it a lot. ... So much to do on here."

At each Grapevine Community Website, members can find hundreds of interactive things to do, such as:

  • Easily post their own blog for the world to read and comment on
  • Find forums on local topics of interest to discuss and debate in a tempered manner
  • Print coupons from local grocery stores, or create and post their own coupons for their own business
  • Find a needed business in the local Business Directory, or list their business in the Business Directory so people can easily find information about their product or service.
  • Spend hours playing 700 games in the arcade
  • Find local news from local media, along with national, world, business, sports, entertainment, science and technology and offbeat news
  • Sell or buy items in the local classifieds, post help wanted ads and list Real Estate for sale.
  • Find things to do in the local calendar of events or post their own events for the public to see
  • List local Church and School information, or create Groups to share information
  • Track stocks, find local movie times, weather, local gas prices, horoscopes and 30 financial calculators
  • Set up their own Webpage to be a MySpace-like page and put a bunch of cool stuff on it like videos, photos, music, blogs, background screen shots and more. Members can invite friends within their Grapevine community to join them on their MySpace-like Webpage
  • Set up banner advertising to market their business at discounted rates for local companies
  • Listen to the Grapevine radio or create their own music playlist to play in the background
  • And much more

In short, the Grapevine Communities were put together so people could share their interest with those around them, within the community where they live.

The Grapevine sites are truly community oriented, filled with local information and entertainment. They are not corporate sites filled with offers to purchase services or products and bothersome bogus links. They are in fact, as an example of the community spirit of Grapevine Websites, becoming the place to go to find information about local schools and churches, and to list and find Real Estate during these hard economic times.

MySpace, Craigslist, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and other networking sites are dominating the marketplace on a global scale with social, business and entertainment networking sites. But what they don't do is target individual communities with all of the combined features of their sites. The Grapevine Communities combine similar features of these national sites into local Websites.

The reward for each owner of a Grapevine Community Website is advertising revenues from local business owners in each community.

The benefit for Grapevine members are Reward Points. Quickly, members earn points just by posting to the sites. The points can be exchanged for $10, $100 and $250 Gift Cards to Best Buy, Home Depot,
Wal-Mart or Staples. There's no catch. It's our way of saying thanks for using the Grapevine Community Websites. In other words, it pays to use the Grapevine Community Websites.
The goal is simple.

Enjoy,,, or any of the other Grapevine Community Sites and tell others about it so communities can be brought together to share in their visions, discuss their challenges, grow their businesses, stay informed and be entertained.

The Grapevine Communities were launched in January 2008 by Jared Leisek of Oregon after he and his wife Kristin could not find any information online about things to do in their community.

Starting at zero and rapidly growing to more than 200 sites nationwide as of October 2008, the goal is to grow to 1500 sites in the next 3-5 years. Each Grapevine Community Website is independently owned and operated. Website hosting, technical support and business development are provided to each owner.
Main Contact:
Jared Leisek
President The Grapevine Communities
P.O. Box 848
Redmond, Oregon 97756


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It's about the Community
Posted On 11/28/2007 19:08:15

Communities are funny things.

How do you define a community? This site was put together so that you can share with those around you within the community that you live.

The goal is that you enjoy and tell others about it. There may be bugs from time to time. Just drop us a line and let us know.

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