Ron Paul At The Arab American Institute

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Ron Paul At The Arab American Institute Conference Ron Paul cannot save this country we can, by voting him in! people fear the independent vote is a vote away from their mainstream leaners (dems or reps) but we have to move away from that or we'll just be doing more of the same i'm sure a lot of people that wanted "change" wanted actual change.. change ron paul talks about.. not the small changes that get swept under the rug FLPman 1 year ago 56 The Arab American Institute invited all the Republican candidates and only Ron PAul showed up. Where were the rest? Would they have turned down the invitation if it had been the Jewish American Institute? ...I am just saying..... kakompo 1 year ago 27 Ron Paul= Hope for America. I'm 33 years old and I have never heard a politician speak the truth like Dr. Paul. I believe politicians are subservient to their campaign contributors, lobbyists, and alliances. Ron Paul is the exception to that rule. Ron Paul does this thing where he thinks about a problem and uses the constitution as a guide for the answer. It's amazing! I hope America is intelligent enough to see this guy for what he is. THE REAL DEAL! aaexpress6767 1 day ago

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